Red Eft Tee Hooded Sweatshirt

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This punny hoodie features one of our favorite forest dwelling creatures, the Red Eft.  These vibrant orange amphibians are always a treat to see along the trail, so what are you waiting for?  Get your eft'ing tail to Hawk Mountain. 

Olive Green, 100% cotton, sizes S-2X

Red efts are the juvenile, terrestrial form of the aquatic Eastern or Red-spotted Newt. Efts are a bright orange-to-red color, marked with the black-rimmed, red spots that give the species its common name. Efts can be found on moist forest floors and among leaf litter.  The best time to look for them is late summer into autumn.  If you find a red-spotted newt or the terrestrial eft stage, in the wild, leave it where you found it as every individual salamander is important to supporting the local population.

Your purchase supports Hawk Mountain's raptor conservation mission. Thank you!