Barn Owl Crewneck Sweatshirt

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50% Polyester, 50% Cotton

Maroon is Gildan, Navy is Port and Company

Brand: Port and Company, Gildan

Your purchase supports Hawk Mountain's global raptor conservation mission. Thank you!

Due to habitat loss, increased development, changes in farming practices, and increased use of pesticides that decrease prey numbers and poison predators, grassland raptors like the Barn owlAmerican kestrel, Short-eared owl, and Northern harrier have been in a severe population decline over the last ten to twenty years.

The Pennsylvania Farmland Raptors Project sees the potential of enlisting the help of local citizen scientists and landowners to aid in the conservation of grassland raptors. By installing nest boxes and setting aside acreage as untouched grassland habitat, landowners can encourage the species to nest on their land. In offering a safe habitat for these raptors to flourish, citizen scientists are performing important conservation work. Volunteers can report their sightings, including the location and raptor behavior, using our online sighting form.

Report your sightings here!:

Barn Owl design by Hawk Mountain trainee Caroline Fegley