Snowy Owl Tee - Short sleeve

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Become a SNOWstopper with our fashionable short sleeve Snowy owl tee!
The snowy owl is one of the most recognizable birds in the world. However, it remains one of the most challenging species to track and monitor. Highly mobile, the species shows irruptive patterns of abundance with large number of individuals invading and deserting regions annually. Those nomadic movements are mostly linked with fluctuations in prey availability on their breeding grounds. Hawk Mountain has supported research of Artic raptors like the Snowy owl for more than 25 years, partnering with project SNOWstorm and other collaborative efforts to better understand how these raptors move on a global scale.  
Color: Navy
Sizes: S-3X
100% cotton 
(design based on photo by local author and photographer Kathy Miller)
Your purchase supports Hawk Mountain's raptor conservation mission. Thank you!