Sanctuary Decal Pack

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Show your love for the mountain everywhere you go with these great Hawk Mountain Sanctuary decals! Pack includes one of each of the following styles:


HMS: The classic Hawk Mountain Sanctuary decal, printed on a forest green background in an oval shape, and approximately 5" wide by 3" tall. Our hometown of Kempton, PA is printed below the HMS lettering. 

ROR: The River of Rocks trail inspired this decal. ROR is printed on a deep red background in an oval shape, overall approximately 5" wide and 3" tall.

NLO: North Lookout is the site of our official migration count and the inspiration for this sticker. NLO is printed on a light blue background within an oval shape, the sticker overall is approximately 5" x 3". 

Woodcut: Featuring the classic woodcut found in the Sanctuary Visitor's Center, this round decal is printed black on a white background, 4" across. 

Striped Sky: An artistic rendition of the HMS logo atop North lookout. This rectangular decal measures 5" by 2.5".

Broad-winged Hawk: Features the Broad-winged Hawk Project logo. 4" round decal.